I am pleased to announce that the new CD by Rudsambee is now available for purchase. The choir is very grateful to Helen Miles for mastering it and Ali Murray for location recording.

Serendipity is a wonderful snapshot of some of our recent repertoire and was very enjoyable to record. The CD along with our concert in August in St Giles made for an amazing way to finish five years of directing the choir. I am happy to pass the group over to Ciara Coleman, who I am sure will do great things and continue to develop this very unique ensemble.

If you would like to order a copy of the CD then you can do this through Rudsambee’s website – or go to their next concert where it will be on sale. I will be sure to post dates here when they are organised.

Album cover by Claire McDonald (above)

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High Above the Palm Trees

On Saturday the choir recorded a follow-up CD to the recent short recording entitled A
Flea in the Ear.
 This new CD presents a selection of very varied music taken from the choir’s recent repertoire. Everyone worked so hard throughout the day and we managed to get a very impressive amount of material, given the short space of time we had to record. The impressive musicality and wonderful enthusiasm of each member of the choir is incredible and I’m sure this will be clearly heard through the recording.
Rudsambee’s enthusiasm for singing in a wide range of interesting languages can still be felt and also, unusually for the choir, this recording features quite a lot of instrumental accompaniments. Five of the nine pieces we recorded have some sort of accompaniment including harp, piano, cello and harpsichord which is a nice change for the choir and presents different challenges. The choir would like to say a huge thank you to Ali Murray and Helen Miles for their expertise and patience in recording us.
Many thanks also to Anne Grindley (right), Sebastian Meller, Tamsin Dearnley and Andrew Ferguson for playing instruments for the CD. And thanks also to Jenny Fardell, Behm MacRae and Helen Miles for a bit of cameo singing.

The track list of our new recording is as follows.

Fōg Elnā Khel (فوق النخل) - Syrian/Iraqi sung in Arabic, arr. Salim Bali
Uśnijże mi, Uśnij - Polish Lullaby, Henryk Górecki
The Seal Lullaby - Eric Whitacre, text by Rudyard Kipling
The Irish Blessing - Irish with harp by Tamsin Dearnley
Down In The River - American, arr. Philip Lawson
Desh - An Indian raga, arr. Ethan Sperry
2ᵉ Entrée De Ballet - Jean-Baptiste Lully, from Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme
3 Entrée De Ballet
- Jean-Baptiste Lully, from Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme
Nu Tändas Tusen Juleljus - Swedish Carol, with harp, piano and cello
Det Hev Ei Rose Esprunge - Ola Gjeilo, German carol sung in Norwegian 

The CD will be available to buy at our next concert in St Giles Cathedral on the 25th of August 2012. It will be available through the website shortly before that.

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Upcoming Recording by Rudsambee

It  has been a year and a half since our last recording ‘A Flea in the Ear’ and since then we have been working on new and varied pieces. We have decided to record another sampler showcasing the choir’s recent repertoire which will include such pieces as ‘Fōg elnā khel’ (فوق النخل) and Górecki’s ‘Uśnijże mi, Uśnij’.

The new recording session will take place on the 26th of May and we would like to thank Helen Miles, both for the recording and production of the last two CDs and also for agreeing to be involved with a third.
Album cover by Claire McDonald (above)

A little about these two pieces - ‘Fōg elnā khel’ (فوق النخل) is a traditional Iraqi/Syrian love song sung in arabic, the title of which is is often translated as ‘High above the palm trees’ and, due to homonyms, often as ‘There above I have an intimate friend’. The English version of the text varies based on the translator’s perspective; whether it’s considered a love song between two people or a song exploring the theme of God’s love.

‘Uśnijże mi, Uśnij’ is a lullaby taken from a set called Trzy kołysanki, meaning Three lullabies. The text is traditional, written in somewhat archaic Polish.

The choir do an excellent job of singing in an incredible range of languages from Arabic and Polish, as demonstrated here, to Icelandic, Russian and even Mandarin. We also take care to try to sing some of the more common choral music languages in a more informed way – for example, looking into old French pronunciation when singing the texts of Lully or LeJeune.
It will be lovely to spend the 26th doing our best to make excellent recordings of some wonderfully varied pieces. We also hope to include in the recording a handful of new works by composers from the University of Edinburgh and I hope to be able to share a track list in the not too distant future.

Our latest two recordings ‘A Flea in the Ear’ and ‘What Are They Doing?’ as well as all previous CDs (produced under a different director) are available for purchase by post from 16 Morningside Park, Edinburgh, EH10 5HB. More information about these recordings is available here.

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Rudsambee – Recruiting New Singers

Rudsambee Company of Singers is an exciting and active choir which rehearses on a Wednesday evening from 7:45 until 9:45.
We sing a wide variety of wonderful music from renaissance polyphony and such composers as Lully, Victoria and Le Jeune, to modern classical music by composers including Whitacre, Lauridsen, Veljo Tormis and Arvo Pärt.

We are currently looking for Sopranos and Altos. While you don’t need to have a great deal of experience singing in vocal groups, basic music literacy is desirable. The most important thing, however, is that you are enthusiastic.

Whilst we mostly perform a cappella, you can watch a recent performance with piano taken from a concert at St Giles Catherdral here.

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